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Benefits That We Deliver

Tashi delivers a fully-integrated, next-generation game development experience.

Our proprietary, consensus-based, serverless, distributed game session can help you cut costs, reduce cheating, and simplify game architecture.

We offer the security of a dedicated game server, the cost and infrastructure simplicity of a P2P server, and fairness neither offers.

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Lower Cost

Lower Cost

Reduce Cheating

Reduce Cheating

Simple Game Architecture

Simple Game Architecture

Fast & Secure

Fast & Secure

  • Tashi Network Transport (TNT)

    Tashi Network Transport (TNT) integrates seamlessly with Unity’s Netcode for GameObjects. There is almost nothing you need to change about your game other than import the plugin.

  • Tashi Consensus Engine (TCE)

    Tashi Consensus Engine (TCE) lies at the heart of Tashi multiplayer sessions, and without you even noticing prevents all state edit cheats, and handles player ping compensation fairly and organically.

  • Tashi Developer Console (TDC)

    Tashi Developer Console (TDC) is your one-stop-shop for game development, delivering Game PaaS starting with Tashi Multiplayer sessions during Closed Beta.


TASHI Consensus Engine

Tashi Consensus Engine (TCE) lies at the heart of Tashi multiplayer sessions, and without you even noticing prevents all state edit cheats, and handles ping differences fairly and organically.

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Our multiplayer protocol adds as little as 4 ms to your game’s ping, and you don’t need to have infrastructure everywhere your players are. Let gamers game as fast as their uplink allows — from San Francisco to Shenzhen.
Tashi sessions are truly serverless. If all you need is multiplayer sessions we’ll give them to you for free, forever. The only thing we will charge for is session monitoring if you need it.
All Tashi session are cheat resistant, with results that cannot be falsified (even by the game developers), and are ordered fairly without lag compensation.
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FAQs and Answers

  • How does Tashi ensure cheat resistance in its multiplayer sessions?

    Tashi ensures cheat resistance by using its proprietary Tashi Consensus Engine (TCE), which operates on a decentralized network that is controlled by the players themselves. This makes it almost impossible for any single entity to manipulate the game in their favor, providing an equal chance of winning for all players.

  • Is Tashi compatible with various game engines?

    Yes, Tashi is designed with compatibility in mind and can be integrated with various game engines, including Unity and Unreal Engine. This allows game developers to use Tashi for a wide range of games and platforms.

  • How does Tashi maintain high performance in multiplayer sessions?

    Tashi achieves high performance by leveraging its unique consensus protocol, which ensures fast and efficient communication between players' devices during multiplayer sessions. This results in reduced latency and a smoother gaming experience for all players.

  • Can Tashi help game developers reduce the cost of multiplayer backend infrastructure?

    Absolutely! Tashi's peer-to-peer (P2P) system eliminates the need for costly dedicated servers, reducing the cost of running a multiplayer backend to zero (unless you choose to use our metrics services). This allows indie game developers to focus on creating the best game possible without worrying about the cost of dedicated servers or the complexity of writing netcode.

  • How can I get started with Tashi?

    You can sign up for Tashi's closed beta program at https://docs.tashi.gg/documentation/ Once you're in the program, you'll have access to Tashi's SDK and documentation, which will guide you through integrating Tashi's multiplayer solution into your game.

  • Are there any additional benefits to using Tashi besides cost savings and cheat resistance?

    Yes! Tashi's consensus-authoritative approach not only saves costs and ensures cheat resistance but is also simple enough for any game developer with no backend experience to implement.

  • Can Tashi support large-scale multiplayer games?

    Yes, Tashi's peer-to-peer architecture can scale to support large-scale multiplayer games, while maintaining high performance and cheat resistance. This makes Tashi an ideal choice for both indie developers and large gaming studios.



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